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Number Learning Games for Kids

A free educational app for kids to learn numbers with fun. Made for 3 year old to 5 year old kids who starts to have interests in numbers. Interactions with an animated character(Goobee) will amuse your kids and enables them to enjoy the learning process.

123 Goobee!!

Count How Many

A simple game that lets your kids to learn how to count and read numbers. The game starts from small numbers and it gets more difficult as more correct answers are provided.


​4 Different Types of Games!!

Number Balance

Pick a tray with the same number of balls to match the balance. Goobee goes off balance if the number is not matched, and Kids can learn the concept of bigger and smaller numbers.

Number Sequence

A free game to learn the order of numbers by picking the flag with numbers in order. When all the flags has been picked, a picture will show up on the sand.

Magical Tracing

In this game, children can learn how to write numbers from 1 to 10 by tracing them. Goobee will play tricks with the drawn numbers.


July 02 2018

Additional game pack is now available: Touch and Count, Number Tower, Add the Numbers, Shoot the Target

July 01 2018

「123 Goobee」is available on iOS now!

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