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ABC Goobee: Alphabet Learning App

A free educational app for kids to learn how to read and write alphabet with fun! Made for 3 year old to 5 year old kids who starts to have interests in letter ABC. Interactions with an animated character(Goobee) enables them to enjoy the learning process.

Find a Letter Game

A simple free game that lets your kids learn the connection between the sound and the appearance of alphabet. You can turn on/off each alphabet if you want them to learn specific letters.

5 Different Games


Fly with Balloons Game

As a next step to "Find a Letter" Game, this free game let your kids to search alphabet from a larger number of letters. Children can enjoy popping lots of balloons. Be careful not to fall down by selecting wrong balloons!

Whac-a-Letter Game

Find and hit letters that fit in the square on the board. ABC Letters will try to hide like in a whac-a-mole game.

Find a Word Game

Kids can learn words from a connection of alphabet letters in this game. Familiar words will show up and your kids can enjoy the interaction of the word images and GooBee.

Trace Letters Game

A free game that let your kids learn how to write alphabet by tracing and popping balloons. As you trace the balloons and make words, cloud-like images will be shown in the sky.

Both for Tablet & Smartphone

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